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Flying Tail Cuff

"The Flying Tail Cuff" PATENT PENDING

100% Hand Crafted in the USA.
Extra H.D. all stainless materials.
I.G.F.A Compliant.
Nothing like it in the world!
This one of a kind product will eliminate the time, energy,
frustration and someone to gaff the tail up out of the water so someone else can drape a rope over it.
Not very easy to do in any kind of weather conditions.
 All resulting in a dangerous situation.

Using the all new "Flying Tail Cuff" you will have the
ability to secure the tail of a fish 8' away from the
boat in less than a second. In all weather conditions.
The "Flying" design allows the Tail Cuff to release from the shaft. The Cuff is locked on the tail of the fish and a tether line is cleated to the boat.
Proceed as you normally would raking gills, drowning ect.. or open the Cuff doors and Release the fish.

Custom made Carbon Fiber and E-glass shafts
available in different lengths. 
 Dress it with your name, thread color, rod wrap ect.
*Also if you have an old or new style  
Aftco Flying Gaff Shaft it will fit perfectly. 

Great reports from fisherman coming in every week.

"Flying Tail cuff works great as a swim hook".
"Also had no problem hoisting this 550lb in the boat".
"Works excellent, Harpooned the fish after we Cuffed it".
"No problem, no boat damage, worked awesome". 

More pics and video coming soon.
Please call or e-mail for more information.

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