Jay Jigs Custom Rod & Tackle
    100% Hand crafted fishing products made in the USA!


custom rods

 All Jay Jigs rods are custom made to your specs,
I have been building rods for over 23 years.

I use all the finest products to suit your needs
from the blanks, guides, threads, grips and
epoxies that hold it all together to produce a 
high quality, light weight, fishing rod.
Black Hole, Lamiglass, Calstar, St. Croix,
 Sage, Seeker, G.Loomis, R.L.Winston,
Thomas & Thomas, Orvis, T.F.O.

Guides, Reel Seats & Butts:
Fugi, Winthrop Tool, Aftco, Stuart, Perfection,
PacBay, American Tackle, REC., Struble, Arcane,
All American, Super Grade Cork, Eva, Hypalon.

Threads, Epoxies:
Gudebroad, Flex Coat, Prowrap, U-40, Sulky,
Madeira, Prokote, Probond, BD Classic

Together we can design the ultimate fishing rod
with your name, special pattern, logo, decal ect...
 Whether it is for recreation or commercial fishing, the craftsmanship is the same, 100% QUALITY.
Please call or e-mail with any questions.


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