Jay Jigs Custom Rod & Tackle
    100% Hand crafted fishing products made in the USA!



      Jay Jigs is very proud to announce the affiliation with
ARC Dehooker of America, the best dehooking tool in the world.
   Their unique head was designed and tested for the removal
  of fishing hooks safely from fish, turtles, birds, ect... with ease.
Up to 10' in length with a 1/4 or 5/16" thick 316
stainless steel round bar head.
Have your floating dehooker customized just like your
rods, gaffs, LinePusher/Puller ect...
Also visit dehooker4arc.com for information
and watch the instruction video.  

Jay Jigs custom Tag/Release/Gopro SticksTM
Now the USA builder for The Billfish Foundation these sticks
 are available in many different versions.
This versatile floating stick can be made up
to 10' in length, 1-3 grips, with or without
release knife or Gopro mount, one or two piece ect...
Two piece versions are available up to 6' in length
and come with a mesh carrying bag.
New carbon fiber IGFA 8' two piece with custom "Soft Stick" grips




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