Jay Jigs Custom Rod & Tackle
    100% Hand crafted fishing products made in the USA!


                   Jay Jigs Custom Line Pusher/PullerTM.
       Got a fish heading under the boat or near the props?
     With no time to maneuver the boat, it's as good as gone.
          Need to push off a dock, piling, grab an outrigger line,
       unwind line from props and rudders, pick up mooring
                            and lobster pot lines ect...
                   This floating versatile tool will do it all.
  Available up to 10' with same shafts as the gaffs are made
                of with a 5/16" 316 stainless steel head.
      As with all my other products have it customized to
                   match your rods, gaffs, harpoon ect..






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